• $59.00

500ml Humidifier Machine with FREE 30ml Oud Ateeq Humidifier Oil


Package Includes:

- 1x 500ML Humidifier Machine

- 1x 30ml Oud Ateeq Humidifier Oil

- 1x Local SG 3 Pin Plug

- 1x Measuring Cup

- 1x English user manual



 Capacity: 500ML

 Use up to 10hrs continuous mist diffusion.

 Material: Safe Advanced PP material

 Noise Level:<25 dB(A)

 Area: Large Coverage, up to 40

 Dimensions: 17cm x 12cm (diameter x height)

 Local SG 3-Pin Plug 

 Timer Setting: 1H / 2H / 3H

 7 LED light colours. 

 Can be used as a LED night light separately even if mist function is not on.

 Diffuser is flame free and safe to use near babies and pets.

 Mist auto-off function when waterless and protect the machine from being damaged.

 Compatible with all types of essential & humidifier oils.



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